When one hears the words “Collection Agency”, the words dread, disgust and dishonest come to mind.  This is not for no good reason as being in collections is not a pleasant experience and the stories most people have heard about collection agencies are virtually all negative.  Because of the negativity associated with collections most people really don’t want to know the nuts and bolts of the collection industry never mind the unique qualities of HOA collections.


Starting with the newsletter this coming January, I will be presenting a four part series on the collection industry and specifically the HOA collection industry in the state of Nevada.


January            “The Ugly Truth about Collection Agencies”


April                “Why HOA Collections are Different”


July                  “Where HOA Collections in the State of Nevada is Today”


October           “What you should be Looking for in a Collection Agency”


In “The Ugly Truth about Collection Agencies” you will become familiar with how non HOA collection agencies operate as well as the evolution of the industry over the years.  You will learn that not all collection agencies are created equal.

In “Why HOA Collections are Different” you will discover that HOA collections are significantly different than regular collections and in the state of Nevada, HOA collections bears little resemblance to its ugly cousin discussed in Part One.


“Where HOA Collections in the State of Nevada is Today”, will give you an overview of the current HOA collection climate as well as how the HOA collection process fits into that climate.


The final part in the series, “What you should be Looking for in a Collection Agency”, will help you with choosing a collection agency as well as examining whether your current agency is right for you.


Yes, this newsletter was one great big tease, but given that this series will be dealing with subject matter that is not for the faint of heart, I thought it best to prepare you.  Some of you may be excited to learn about collections whereas others may want to avoid it completely.  Hopefully, y’all will take the journey!