Fee Amount
Intent to Lien letter  $150.00
Assessment lien  $325.00
Intent to Notice of Default  $90.00
Notice of Default Preparation  $400.00
Trustee Sale Guarantee  $350.00 estimated
Intent to Notice of Sale  $90.00
Notice of Sale Preparation  $275.00
Final Notice of Sale  $25.00
Posting & Publishing  $400.00 estimated
Conduct Foreclosure Sale  $125.00
Prepare & Record Trustees Deed  $125.00
Payment Agreement  $30.00
Payment Plan Breach Letter  $25.00
Escrow/Payoff Demand  $150.00
Foreclosure Fee  $150.00
Bankruptcy Package  $100.00
Sale Postponement  $75.00
Other Charges:
Recording Cost
Release of Lien
Rescission of Notice of Default
Skip Trace
Certified Mailing Fee
* Fees and cost may change without notice. Schedule of Fees may not be all-inclusive.